VIBE: The Video Interview Bank for Educators

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The VIBE project is designed to help rehabilitation providers more inclusive care to LGBTQIA+ individuals. Please click the button to be taken directly to the pre-screen survey!

The Video Interview Bank for Educators, or VIBE, is a supplementary project to the RoOT project.

This video bank is designed to foster empathy by connecting the theory behind inclusive practice with specific, personal experiences via a storytelling vehicle, and is designed to help circumvent limitations to underserved population exposure that students and faculty may experience as a result of demographics, geographic location, or time and financial constraints.  Stories will be carefully curated to isolate those that are immediately relevant to fostering inclusive practice for future healthcare providers.  

By empowering underserved populations with the chance to directly voice their personal struggles to potential care providers, VIBE honors the autonomy of these patients as the owners and shepherds of their own stories.  

Additionally, direct storytelling removes the filter of the educator and may increase feelings of educator self-efficacy, as educators do not run the risk of assigning motives to or explaining the personal experiences of another person.  Educators would also be able to “assign patients” as open-ended, thought-provoking homework, e.g., “Do you think this person’s feelings were the original intent of the provider . . . if not, how could they done things differently?”

At this time, the VIBE bank is focusing specifically on interviewees that identify with LGBTQIA+ issues.  It is our hope to expand the project to other, intersectional identities as more resources become available.

We are seeking Interviewees!

Please consider sharing your story!

At this time, we have located a studio-equipped production company, She Films.  She Films is headed by director Laura Henderson, a Kalamazoo native with ample interviewing experience that is also highly active in various initiatives in Southwest Michigan designed to increase media, arts, and education representation of several underrespresented groups.  

Excitingly, we have also obtained a grant to cover the costs of pre-production, taping, editing, and post-production work from the University of Pittsburgh's Office of Diversity and Inclusion!  As such, we're currently full steam ahead, and recruiting potential interviewees.  We are tentatively scheduling through August 31st, 2018, but may end interviews sooner if we meet our project milestones ahead of time.

If you would like to be interviewed, and you think you may be able to travel to Laura's studio in Kalamazoo, we would love to hear from you.  (NOTE:  Due to demand from individuals outside of the Kalamazoo area, we are now taking self-taped digital submissions. If you are interested in self-submitting an interview sharing your healthcare experiences, please fill out the pre-screen form below, which will give us a way to contact you!)

There are only two steps to get started:

1.) Please read the FAQ.

2.) Please fill out our pre-screen form located here.  This gives us a bit of information about you, a way to contact you, and helps us figure out if you might be a good fit for the project.

If you have any questions, please fill out our contact form.