• Resume access is provided via google drive. ¬†Additional activities, such as volunteering, professional development, and private projects, can be explored via accessing my portfolio.

Available upon request.

  • Submit IRB application for Ketogenic Diet and Chronic Pain study before end of the Fall 2017 semester.
    • Goal Accomplished 11-01-2017.
  • Launch Ketogenic Diet and Chronic Pain study before the end of the Winter 2018 Semester.
    • Pending IRB approval.
  • Finish the first 10 modules for the RoOT Project for pilot implementation in an entry-level DOT class before the end of 2018.
    • Needs assessment currently in process via student, faculty, and patient surveys.
  • Write, design, or format a publication, poster, paper, or article at the end of the Ketogenic Diet and Chronic Pain Survey Study.
    • Pending study implementation and results.
  • Expand the RoOT project into a system that is available at universities outside of the University of Pittsburgh.
    • In development: Implementation of a student guide containing accessible pedagogical, design, and curricular information that would allow students to design their own modules, thereby keeping material both current and locally relevant.
  • Examine the feasibility and appropriateness of pursuing advanced specialization or further post-graduate education, in order to advance the practice and science of occupational therapy.
  • Keen awareness of the need for occupational justice and a commitment to fostering inclusive practice for diverse, underserved populations, as demonstrated by the RoOT project.
  • Highly skilled writer and editor that has a proven ability to transition between persuasive, academic, and narrative styles, as evidenced by portfolio writing exemplars.
  • Intrinsically motivated, life-long learner, as evidenced by diversity of experience in resume and the large variety of independently undertaken continuing education, volunteer, and training projects highlighted in portfolio.
  • Academic and fieldwork performance to date reflects a dedication to system-wide improvement toward commonly shared goals, including a commitment to both empower individuals and to connect¬†organizations with resources that will allow for better education or patient care.