Jonas Salk Health Activism Fellowship

Jonas Salk Health Activism Fellowship

  • Full Name:  Jonas Salk Health Activism Fellowship
  • Hosting Body: The Jewish Healthcare Foundation, Pittsburgh.
  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Date: September-December 2017
  • Description: During the 11-week program, the Fellows form an action group and develop skills to build a case for action, shape winning strategies, and advocate effectively around a health issue about which they are passionate. In addition to learning how to change policies, practices, and perspectives, Fellows will also take action during the Fellowship with some microfunding and experienced community activists as they start to implement their strategy.  This fellowship served at the jumping off point for roOT, an educational project designed to reform how we think about and practice diversity and inclusivity education in healthcare.
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Out-Of-State Student Funding Award

Out of State Student Funding Award

  • Full Name:  Out of State Student Funding Award
  • Hosting Body: School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.  University of Pittsburgh.
  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Date: September 7, 2017
  • Description: Award for out of state students that have demonstrated academic excellence.
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Curricular Experiences: Academic and Formal Education

University of Pittsburgh

Master of Occupational Therapy

(Predicted graduation date: 2018): As of 2016, the MOT program at the University of Pittsburgh was rated #4 in the country by U.S. News and World Report.  To view information regarding the curriculum, click on the button below.

Academic Portfolio

Academic Exemplars

This section contains a variety of assignments completed during formal coursework, including protocols, reports, and writing samples.  Each assignment is presented in its entirety, along with an explanation of key skills highlighted.

Awards And Scholarships

Awards and Scholarsihps

I was fortunate to receive scholarships, awards, and fellowships inside of and outside of my educational endeavors.  Some of those have been highlighted here.

Western Michigan University

Bachelor of Arts: Spanish

Minor: Anthropology

In an increasingly interconnected world, few skills are more important than cultural competency.  My Bachelor's degree at Western Michigan University prepared me for OT by building my understanding of the intersectional roles that illness, identity, culture, care providers, socioeconomic factors, and biology play in individual and group experiences of health and disability; it also allowed me to become fluent in a language used natively by 41 million Americans.