Level I Fieldwork:

Birmingham Free Clinic (Physical Disability: Primary Care)

September 2017 to December 2017

Birmingham Free Clinic, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Performed screening, evaluation, treatment planning, intervention, patient education, splint design and fabrication, and documentation for OT services in a primary care facility for uninsured populations.
  • Performed simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for Spanish-speaking patients at all points of visit, including intake, examination, and treatment.
  • Common diagnoses included repetitive use disorders, peripheral nerve disorders, arthritis, chronic pain, diabetes, and difficulties with medication management.
  • Recognized by fieldwork advisor for skill in differential diagnosis of disorders of the upper extremity.

Level I Fieldwork:

Lincoln Elementary (Pediatrics: Community Based)

November 2017 to December 2017

Homewood Children's Village Lincoln Elementary, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Observed developmental milestones and planned and implemented group activities.
  • Analyzed environmental factors in underserved low SES elementary schoolers

Level I Fieldwork:

Children's Institute: Squirrel Hill (Pediatrics)

September 2017 to October 2017

Children's Institute, Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Observed patients ages 4-19 in outpatient setting. ┬áPopulations included: autism and developmental disorders, sensory regulation, food aversions, coordination impairments, fine motor impairments, and brain injury.
  • Assisted in data collection and implementation of trial swimming program for children with autism.

Level I Fieldwork:

People's Oakland (Mental Health)

January 2017 to April 2017

People's Oakland, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Developed, planned, implemented, and tailored original occupation-based same-day treatment activities in a community mental health setting, including: art and crafts, open gym, cooking, poetry, role-play, etc.
  • Promoted group participation via skilled compensatory techniques to overcome physical, emotional, and cognitive impairments, as well as environmental barriers.
  • Developed a new seven-session curriculum for dual diagnosis Mental Illness and Substance Abuse group (MISA) to promote progressive acquisition of insight and functional skills.
  • Achieved perfect score in all fieldwork categories, with specific comments highlighting strong clinical observation skills, excellent inter-professional and patient communication, and effective implementation of interventions.